An Inquiry Into Consciousness

Its Relationship to Experience and to Experiment

by Ross Rhodes


1.0    Introduction and Credo
Sheer cussedness:  the Essence of Free Will
I believe that I can make a decision, a choice.
1.1 Self measurement I believe that inanimate matter cannot make a decision, a choice.
2.0 The measurement problem in QM  
2.1 Commentary: Rosenblum and Kuttner's analysis of free choice as an element of the double slit experiment. Do the experimental results themselves demand a role for free choice?  A commentary on a recent "theory-neutral" presentation of the measurement problem.
3.0 Experimental evidence  
3.1 Tests  
3.1.1  A test for the presence of consciousness? Wouldn't it be nice.   We begin with the observation that the measuring device at the slit had no apparent effect on the result of the experiment, because the result varied depending on whether a different element was included in the overall measurement.  So, how come the observer seems to "fix" the results of the experiment in a way that the mechanical device does not?